Itinerario "visita la Val di Cembra, per scoprire laghi, montagne e ... le piramidi!"

Total length: 111 km

Trento – Civezzano – Lases – Piramidi di Segonzano – Sover – Stramentizzo – Faver – Lases- Albiano – Santa Colomba – Civezzano – Pergine Valsugana – Levico Terme

From Trento reach “bivio La Mochena” (km. 4) and turn right towards Civezzano (km. 7), where a visit to Chiesa dell’Assunta is a good suggestion, since it is rated as one of the most beautiful Gothic-Renaissance buildings of Trentino. Drive further and pass the little village of Torchio, then reach the lovely Lake Lases (km. 16). This is a very famous mining zone with an established porphyry extraction that leads to worldwide exports.
Move on to Sevignano (km. 20). A stop here offers magnificent views of the valley full of vineyards and crossed by the Avisio river. The valley and its main town Cembra, have archaeological relevance and are a very important area of Trentino’s wine sector.

Reach Segonzano (km. 24) with its famous “Pyramids” , interesting and rare phenomenon of rock erosion caused by water. The pyramids can have an height of 20 mt and some of them are protected on the top by enormous porphyry rocks. From Segonzano continue the journey to Sover (km. 33) and cross the bridge on the artificial water basin to reach Stramentizzo (km. 46)
Once in Sover one can decide to go back to Levico Terme passing by the Plateau of Pinè.
Drive downhill along the right side of the valley and enjoy the great view. Pass through the picturesque villages of Grauno, Grumes and Faver (km. 71). Here at the fork, take the left road to Piazzo. Cross the Avisio river and arrive at the opposite side of the valley. Nearby are the ruins of Segonzano Castle, depicted in a watercolour of Albrecht Dürer. Reach then Sevignano (km. 76) and proceed again to the little Lake Lases (km. 80). Enter the road on the right for Albiano (km. 82) and head to Lake S.Colomba (900 mt amsl) small lake surrounded by clearings in the woods and ideal for a nice walk. Move on through S. Agnese, until Civezzano (km. 94), where you can drive downwards until Pergine Valsugana. From here destination Levico Terme (km. 111) and then back to Trento City.

Don’t miss:

le Piramidi di Terra di Segonzano (Segonzano pyramids),
for information tourist office  Pinè – Cembra tel. 0039 0461 557028.