Itinerari Vari

The farm roads between the vineyards in the Cembra valley.
From the main road no. 612, in the area between the villages of Faver, Cembra, Lisignano, Verla along the valley side street (provincial street 101), various roads go down to the valley, forming a network around the surrounding vineyards. These asphalted roads are comfortable and allow passage between vineyards offering beautiful views in a peaceful and silent environment. Distances can be set individually, and orientation is easy given the good visibility. On the left side you can find the restaurant of the valley.

On the left side of Segonzano and Sover, the mountain can be reached by taking various forest roads, which go up along the side of the mountains. The roads start from specific points: from Sevignano to a village towards “Prada”; to Segonzano from the Madonna dell’Aiuto shrine, from the inhabited areas of Montesover towards Verner and Monte Pat; from Casatta di Valfloriana up the road, which leads to “malga Sasso” towards the valley of rio Pradel. Adequate clothing is recommended in high altitudes together with heavy duty footwear.