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Various Itineraries - the vineyards of the cembra valley

From the state road 612, in the area between the villages of Faver, Cembra, Lisignago and Verla, along the transversal road of the valley (sp101), numerous inter-modal roads descend into the valley, running like a network through the entire vineyard area. These roads, with an asphalted surface, allow for easy walks among the vineyards with excellent viewpoints in an atmosphere of tranquillity and silence. Distances can be set at will, and orientation is easy, given the ample visibility available.

The forest roads on the left side of the valley and the vineyards of the Cembra Valley.

On the left side in the municipalities of Segonzano and Sover, the mountain is traversed by several forest roads that ascend along the sides of the mountains. The roads start out from well-identified points: from Sevignano village towards “Prada”; at Segonzano from the “Madonna dell’Aiuto” Sanctuary; from Montesover from the village towards Vernera and Monte Pat; from Casatta di Valfloriana up the road that leads to “malga Sasso”, climbing up the valley of the Pradel stream.
Appropriate clothing for high mountains with sturdy boots is recommended.