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Valfloriana Malga Sasso

On provincial road no. 71 towards Cavalese, is the village of Casatta (853 m), the municipal seat of Valfloriana.
The valley, crossed by the Pradesela stream, is rich in forests and meadows, and the environment is typically alpine. At the beginning of the village of Casatta, on the right begins the road that goes up the valley, passing through the centres of Barcatta, an Italo-Swiss village, so called because it was rebuilt with funds collected in Switzerland after the disastrous flood of 1966 that wiped out the hamlets of Maso and Ischiazza located under the provincial road 71.

Then, after 4.5 km, you arrive at the village of Montalbiano (m1144), Sicina (1209), and the ‘Balt del Manz’. The road then continues, unpaved through beautiful forests and streams, to the ‘malga del Sasso’ (Agritur m 1906). From here you can admire a powerful view of the surrounding mountains, (Pala delle Buse – m 412, Monte Cogne – m 2210) of the ‘Lagorai’ chain. A number of alpine paths depart from the malga (signposted by the S.A.T.). Recommended hiking boots and suitable clothing. (Ask for information and maps at the malga-agritur).