Itinerario "il giro degli altopiani: Vigolana, Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna, Vezzena"

Total length: 70 km

From Levico Terme drive until Calceranica (km 5) from here upwards to Bosentino along a nice panoramic road with views upon Lake Caldonazzo. The Vigolana plateau shows up right after Bosentino and it is delimited by Mount Vigolana (2150 m) at South and by Mount Marzola (1735 m) at North. Take the left fork at the conjunction with the Provincial Road of “Fricca”

and pass over Vattaro (km 13) along the woody Centa Valley until Fricca Pass (1100 m) until you reach Carbonare (km 27) and the area of the Plateaux of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna with quaint, undulating landscape of conifers, beeches and wide prairies. During World War I, the plateaux were theater of numerous battles and shootouts as one can notice from the Austro-Hungarian forts and cemeteries of Slaghenaufi, Bertoldi and Costalta (Luserna).

In Carbonare, enter the fork towards Folgaria (km 6,5), winter and summer tourist resort well served by many ski lifts. Short after Folgaria, drive downwards to Calliano and the Adige Valley, take the fork to Guardia, lovely little village located at the slopes of Mount Finonchio and characterized by naif graffiti on the house fronts. Here lived and worked Cirillo Grot, a local sculptor and poet, whose studio-home is often visited by tourists. Back on road number 350, drive through Mezzomonte di Sopra, Mezzomonte di Sotto, Dietrobeseno and reach Calliano (12 km from Folgaria). Here take road number 12 and drive towards Pergine and Levico Terme.

Keep driving, direction Lavarone (km 32) summer and winter tourist resort made up of several different hamlets, named after the old families, once living there. In proximity of hamlet Chiesa there is Lake Lavarone. Once in hamlet Cappella don’t miss a visit to the Fort Museum Belvedere.

At the fork of Monterovere the road goes uphill and after 6 km, it leads to Luserna (1333 m) minority linguistic island where locals still speak the old medieval Germanic/Danish language called “Cimbrian”.

Keep on driving through woods and pastures and then reach Vezzena Pass (km 43) and the plateau of Vezzena spangled with huts for the summer alpine pasture of livestock. Here the biker can stop and buy some of the tasty local cuisine products like the Vezzena Cheese.

Go back to Levico along the same route or, once at the fork of Monterovere (km 46) drive down south along the provincial road of Monterovere also called “Menador”, “Pegolara” or “Kaiserjägerweg”, which used to be a military track during World War I. Such road is very winding, narrow and steep because it is built vertically on the rock. Not suitable for people who are afraid of heights. At the end of the road back in Caldonazzo (61) and Levico Terme (km 64).

Don’t miss:

Lavarone, Museum of Fort Belvedere-Gschwent
Local tourist office telephone: 0039 0464 724100

Luserna, Casa Cimbra “Haus von Prükk”
Istituto Culturale Mocheno Cimbro. Telephone: 0039 0464 789638

Guardia di Folgaria, House/museum Grott
tel. 0039 0464 720190.