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Sover , Monte Sover Malga Vernera

Along provincial road no. 71 towards Cavalese, one arrives at the village of Sover (m 833). The village was founded by shepherds and woodcutters in ancient times, and until recently had several woodcarving workshops. Of note is the church of S. Lorenzo (1242), with Baroque wooden altars inside. On the provincial road at the end of the village, the road goes up to Monte Sover (km 4) and to Vernera (km 9 ). Monte Sover is a pretty settlement located at 1129 m. The type of settlement is Alpine, and the village enjoys a wide panorama of the Pinetano mountains and western Trentino.

From the village, behind the church near the car park, there is a forest road that leads to an area of high-altitude pastures (1700 m) where the Vernera malga (agritourism) is open during the summer months. From this place, walks along a forest road are possible. Sturdy footwear is recommended.