Quaras e i Paesi Alti (Luch, Stedro, Sabion)

Departure point: Hotel Piramidi (add half hour) or : the car park at the SS Trinita (Holy Trinity) parish church. Visit the church built in the 12th century and extended during the years.

An impressive view of the Cembra valley and on the Regnana Valley. The church was first mentioned in 1348 and was dedicated to San Salvador. Inside: a beautiful wooden alter also one of the largest in Trentino sculpted and painted in the 17th century and other works of talented local artists. On leaving the church, the road proceeds by the side of the cemetery towards the “masi” village of Luch, a small town at the border of the woods, it then continues along the right side of the valley of the rio Regnana towards the Piramidi and three kilometers further you will arrive in Quaras (at 995 m above sea level). A mountain village founded by shepherds. Quaras was nearly totally abandoned during the sixties, building roads, better energy supply and drinking water enable this little silent village to be reborn. Close to the capital, there is a path, which leads to Gausalda (1310 m asl) an onld village totally abandoned in 1962. On the way back one can take the main village road (Stedro Sabion) to go down towards the main town road to arrive at the Hotel.