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Quaras and the Highlands (Luch, Stedro, Sabion)

Starting point: Hotel Piramidi, (add half an hour); or: car park near the SS. Trinità parish church. Visit to the church built in the 12th century.
It has been extended several times over the centuries. Suggestive and powerful panoramic view over the Cembra Valley and the Regnana Valley. First mentioned in 1348 dedicated to St Salvador. Interior: admirable wooden altar, one of the largest in Trentino, carved and painted in the 16th and following centuries by talented local artists. Leaving the church, the road continues alongside the cemetery towards the masi di Luch, a small village on the edge of the forest, continues along the right-hand side of the Regnana stream valley towards the Piramidi and after about 3 km arrives at Quaras (955 m above sea level). Alpine village founded by shepherds.

Quaras experienced almost total depopulation during the 1970s; the repair of the road, the adaptation of the electricity supply, and drinking water have brought this silent village back to life. Near the capital, there is a path that leads to Gausaldo (asl m1310), an old farmstead that was finally abandoned in 1962. On the way back, you can walk along the main street of the upper village (Stedro -Sabion) to descend to the provincial road and return to the hotel.