Piazzo di Segonzano vista da Faver PIAZZO END PARLO

Piazzo e Parlo

Departure point: Hotel Piramidi on the road to Trento, before Villa Aurora, going down towards a cultivated valley near a paved path (Calcara Val di Giara). After 15 minutes, one arrives in Piazzo, an old Cembrano hamlet,which up to this very day serves as a housing area, with massive stone farm houses. Worth noting is the “Chiesa dell’Immacolata” (church dedicated to the Immaculate Conception) built in the 12th century, and renovated many times. Inside one can enjoy 15th century frescoes; on the main alter the “Madonna dell’ Uva” a 16th century sculpture in wood and in late Gothic style. Coats of Arms of noble families are also frescoes on the walls. In Prato, near the Prato Palace, residence of the famous family originating from Valsassina, which then arrived in Trento in the 15th century, bringing to Trentino individuals heir mark in history, politics, science and humanitarian causes.

he wine which is still produced in the farm of the same name (the wine cellar is situated within the Palace) is famous. Close by, beyond the gorge of the Rio Regnana (the Roman bridge is to the right of the road), there is the little center of Parlo (a small frescoes citadel). Go back via main road to Piazzo, beyond the old schools go up right towards the white chapel of S. Antonio, the Battle of Segonzano battlefield, going on through a narrow path over the vineyards you reach the foot of the castle. On the right of the old guard post next to the fountain, you will find the road, which will bring you to Saletto and the Hotel Piramidi.