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Madonna dell'Aiuto (Dosso di Venticcia)

Starting point: loc: “Venticcia” car park near the sports field. The adjacent “Venticcia” ridge (855 m) juts out into the valley and forms a natural division, a sort of saddle. Towards the north-east, there is a panoramic view of the Fiemme valley and the first Dolomite chains. Important prehistoric remains and artefacts have been found at the top of the ridge: the ancient plan of a smelting oven from the Iron Age. Towards the north, an easy road, flat and shady, leads to the sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Aiuto (877 m) after about 3 kilometres through the woods.

Church built in 1682 and rebuilt several times. Well-known to the devotion of the Trentino region, an image of the Madonna Ausiliatrice (Maria Hilf) is venerated in it, a well-executed copy of the famous portrait by Luca Carnach preserved in the Church of St. James in Innsbruck. In front of the sanctuary, a mighty centuries-old lime tree is listed as a protected natural monument. From the sanctuary, several forest roads lead up the Segonzano mountain to the summit (1542 m). To be walked with suitable footwear (trekking or light boots): ask the hotel for specific maps.