Madonna dell’Aiuto (Dosso di Venticcia)

1024px Madonna dellAiuto Segonzano Nascita di Maria Madonna dell'Aiuto (Dosso di Venticcia)

Madonna dell'Aiuto (Dosso di Venticcia)

Departure point: from “Venticcia” car park near the sports complex. The “Venticcia” hill (855 m) overlooks the valley and constitutes a natural division. On the North east, there is a view of the Fiemme valley and the first ranges of Dolomite mountains. Important ruins and prehistoric findings were discovered at the peak of this hill: there is also an old iron forge dating back from the Iron Ages. Towards north, there is a flat shaded comfortable road, which leads to the Madonna dell’Aiuto shrine (877 m) three kilometer further down the woods. A church build in 1682 and rebuild many times after. Very popular with the devote people of Trentino, who worship an image of the Madonna Ausiliatrice copied from the famous portrait of Luca Carnach, which is preserved in the Church of St. William in Innsbruck. In front of the shrine, amongst the protected natural monuments there is a large lime tree, which stands out from the rest. Various forest roads from the shrine wind up to the Segonzano mountain to its peak (1542 m). Adequate footwear (trekking shoes or light shoes) is needed to take these roads: specific maps can be obtained at the Hotel.