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Lago di Terlago e Lamar

The pike kingdom

The municipality of Terlago is the first one encountered on the way from Trento to the Valle dei Laghi. The name of the valley is not accidental. Curious glacial and postglacial geological phenomena have caused the formation, along this valley, of numerous medium and low altitude lakes, characterised, in the upper part, by the karstic nature of the emissaries and tributaries.

Lake Terlago (416 m a.s.l.) is a vast, shallow hilly lake, located at the bottom of the basin of the same name, which owes its name to the presence of three interconnected bodies of water that surrounded the ancient village. Today, also as a result of land reclamation, only two of them remain, communicating through a ‘strait’ crossed by a road bridge. The Lakes of Lamar or Monteterlago (Lago Santo di Lamar and Lago della Mar), on the other hand, are located at an altitude of about 700 m, on the promontory that divides the Valle dei Laghi and the Val d’Adige, a little less than 8 km away, in an unspoilt mid-mountain environment.

In summary

Fishing period

All year round
(excluding periods with ice surface)

Fish present

Pike, Eel, Perch, Carp, Tench, Chub, Rudd, Alborella, Trig etc.


All techniques, from bottom fishing to float fishing, from spinning to dry fly fishing


Artificial lures, vegetable bait for large cyprinids, and live fish for pike and perch