Lago di Lases

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Lago di Lases

Departure point: from Hotel Piramidi by car up to Lases (8 km). Park after the building near the lake on the right side of road 71 direction Trento. The path, which circles the lake, starts from under street level. The lake, which is 700 m long and 225 m wide, with a depth of 31 m, is frequented by fishermen for the vast water life. The water is quite cold (if you want to bathe in it be very careful), the surface ices in winter and is cool in summer.

The biotopes rich in flora and fauna are particularly interesting. They are divided into 68 units and are protected by local laws (L.P 23/06/1986 no. 14). The European Union has also shown interest in protecting these areas and has offered the LIFE project to assist in the re-naturalization of this environment.
One of these is Lases. It is made up of three areas: the Lases marsh, the Val Fredda and the Palù Rèdont, it is easily accessible by various paths and mule tracks. The Lases marsh occupies the southern part of the lake with the same name: a strip rich in reed thicket and marsh cane, and bordered by remnants of porphyry, a swamp rich in vegetation, fauna, and its ecological and biological aspects. Val Fredda above the built up area, is characterized by the “buse del giaz”: valley caverns caused by an ancient land slide, where there are cold water currents, which throughout the year cause glaciations. Finally, the Palù Rèdont situated in the Val Scura starts in the northern part of the built up area in the direction of Loan offering rare forms of plants: “Caricetum Lasiocarpae” (cariceto) and the “Salix romarinfolia” (a small willow).