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Itinerary 'around the lakes starting from Madonna di Campiglio'.

The route runs for about 200 kilometres along winding, winding stretches. Starting from Madonna di Campiglio, it crosses the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, allowing you to immerse yourself in an enchanting landscape, rich in lakes and streams that form beautiful waterfalls. The proposed itinerary represents a classic of motorbike touring and is definitely worth riding at least once.

Schematic route

Departing from Madonna di Campiglio, take the SS239 in the direction of the Campo Carlo Magno Pass.
Head towards Folgarida and continue to Dimaro.
Take the SS42, turn right onto the SS43 for Cles.
Turn right along the SP73 towards Lago di Tovel.
Turn back to Tuenno, turn right and go past Denno.
Turn left into the SP67, from Campodenno continue along the SP73, after about 1 km turn right into the SS421 until you reach Molveno.
Continue towards Ponte Arche, pass Bleggio Inferiore on the SS237 and head towards Tione.
Take the SS239 and head towards Carisolo.
Turn left into Val di Genova, towards the Nardis waterfall.
Go back to Carisolo, turn left towards Madonna di Campiglio.


Complete card:

From Madonna di Campiglio, climb up to the Campo Carlo Magno Pass (1681 m.) from where you can admire the Brenta Dolomites in all their splendour, then descend along a road immersed in the woods of Val Meledrio and go past Folgarida to tackle a series of hairpin bends leading to Dimaro (766 m.) in Val di Sole.
We now continue eastwards and, surrounded by apple cultivations (the famous Melinda apple), we reach Cles in Val di Non from where, turning right, we take the road that leads to Lake Tovel (1177 m.) with a maximum gradient of 12%. The lake is undoubtedly worth a stop as it is located below the eastern slope of the Brenta Dolomites and because, more in the past than now, its waters take on a reddish hue due to a particular type of algae present on the bottom.
We then retrace our route to Tuenno, where we turn right to continue past Denno and reach the fork in the road, which on the right leads to the narrow, winding road that leads to Lake Molveno (865 m), where tourists can find restaurants, hotels and campsites and where it is possible to windsurf.
Considering the itinerary in its entirety, Lake Molveno can be regarded as the refreshment point for those who wish to have lunch. We now set off in a southerly direction to reach Ponte Arche, where we turn towards Lake Ponte Pia (fed by the Sarca River) and, having passed this, enter Tione.
Turning right, you now enter Val Rendena and follow it as far as Carisolo, where you turn left to enter Val di Genova. Along this is a 17-km road that climbs through an unspoilt landscape rich in waterfalls (the 100-metre-high Nardis waterfall is famous, which you meet after 4 km on the right).
Back in Carisolo, turn left to return to Madonna di Campiglio.