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Giovo and Masen

After crossing the Cembra Valley, at the Faver junction, take the road for Cembra and continue as far as Ceola di Giovo. At the end of a long straight stretch, on the right, is the road for Valternigo (the church of S. Floriano is worth a visit: early medieval on pre-existing Temple of Jupiter, on the hump of the same name), Ville, Mason, Palù (home of the Moser brothers and G. Simoni, cycling champions).
Typical Cembran environment with large areas cultivated with vines. Park near Ville di Giovo and take a short walk along the road, beautiful views of the valley and views of Monte Bondone (m 2060) and Pagnella (m 2116). At Ville, the tower of the “CastelIo della Rosa”(10th) century. From the upper part of Ville, you reach Masen, an alpine location amidst meadows and pine forests.

The road through the forest descends to Faedo and S. Michele, in the Adige Valley. From Masen, numerous excursions are possible: to Monte Corona (m1036), beautiful panorama, 1.30 hours; to the ancient mines (canope) of Piani and Acque (spring), 3 hours; to Faedo via the Faedo pass – Croce delle serre (rn.818), 1.30 hours.
The Mosaner roccolo, near the Sauch refuge, is the only example in Trentino of a traditional bird trapping facility. It was once used exclusively for hunting purposes, but since 1968 this practice has been banned by law.
maintenance, it is used for educational and scientific purposes. The roccolo consists of a circular structure of pruned trees, placed in a double row in an arc. Nets are placed under the canopy of these trees to catch birds. Having become a fully-fledged Ornithological Observatory, some 2,500 birds of around 60 species from Europe and Africa are captured, marked, measured and released again each year, reconstructing their migration routes, wintering and breeding areas.
This excursion starts at Lago Santo, where you can park your car. Walking time: approx. 2 hours round trip. In the immediate vicinity of the “Happy Ranch” riding stables, path no. 409 of the SAT begins, which, following the indications for Rif. Sauch, will take you to the roccolo di Giovo in about 40/45 minutes. Return back. Pedes or hiking boots are recommended, and suitable clothing for a walk in the woods (beware of insects, mosquitoes, etc.). It is also possible to adopt the approach route going up from Faedo Pineta, albeit with a greater difference in height, using the same path that connects Lago Santo to Faedo.